In this session, Frank is converting Azure Subscription Cleaner (AzSubscriptionCleaner) to serverless using the Azure Function. Things are going pretty smoothly.



  • 00:00:01 - Bonjour, Hi!
  • 00:01:05 - Update on streaming setup, dropped frames
  • 00:02:16 - Introducing the Azure PowerTools (before AzSubscriptionCleaner was on is own)
  • 00:12:34 - Experiencing with PowerShell Azure Function
  • 01:01:18 - Migrating the code in a new project AzSubscriptionCleaner
  • 01:25:14 - Quickly (too quickly, as we will see next stream), create the deployment ARM template.
  • 01:38:21 - Searching how to add tags to a specific resource in PowerShell
  • 01:55:01 - Wrapping up, updating all git and stuff


  • Can it easily be done with Azure Function instead of Automation?
  • Create an easy way to add tags
  • Sent notification with list of expired resources
  • capture any errors that might happen


  • when you function will execute what identity will it use to list your resources ? (@Lanwalker2)
  • improve the ReamMe file (like a lot)

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Streams Notes/ Snipets/ Shared urls

This query return the resources that are expired

  • az graph query -q ‘where todatetime(tags.expireOn) > now() project name, type, expireOn=tostring(tags.expireOn) limit 5’


  • GitHub Project: