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Projects that we work on the stream (aka

Stream Projects

This repository is to keep tracks of all work done on the stream (aka The complete list of the streams is available in the journal, here are those where I we worked on a specific project.




Admin tools for Azure Url Shortener using Blazor Single Page Application (webassembly)

TinyBlazorAdmin cover


Date Title
2021-03-19 Stream 169 - We need a UI to add schedule to our UrlShortener
2021-03-17 Stream 168 - Adding some UI to edit the Schedules in AzUrlShortener
2021-02-03 Stream 159 - Package new version for AzUrlShortener and TinyBlazor Admin - GitHUb maintenance
2021-01-27 Stream 157 - Let's make the URL Shortener prettier... playing with Blazor Syncfusion
2021-01-20 Stream 155 - Finishing the CI-CD for the DEV environment
2021-01-08 Stream 152 - Exploring new SyncFusion Lib with .Net 5 for a Blazor web assembly project
2021-01-06 Stream 151 - First stream of 2021 Let's see what we do
2020-12-18 Stream 149 - First stream on new PC what's missing?!
2020-11-18 Stream 142 Learning Syncfusion Blazor UI
2020-11-11 Stream 140 Learning Syncfusion TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-10-07 Stream 131 - Adding Clicks Statistics to TinyBlazorAdmin (Url Shortener website)
2020-08-19 Stream 123 - Exploring .Net Blazor UI Control (aka Grid & Charts) for TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-08-12 Stream 121 - Working on a auto deployment for Tiny Blazor Admin
2020-08-05 Stream 119 TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-07-29 Stream 117 TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-07-22 Stream 115 TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-07-15 Stream 113 TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-07-08 Stream 111 Back to TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-06-24 Stream 107 Learning how to use Blazor WebAssembly with AAD Token
2020-06-17 Stream 105 Learning Blazor Building TinyAdmin website
2020-06-10 Stream 103 Adding an Azure Key Vault into project TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-06-05 Stream 102 - Starting Tiny Blazor Admin project (C#, WebAssembly, AAD)


An simple and easy budget friendly Url Shortener for anyone. It runs in Azure (Microsoft cloud) in your subscription.

AzUrlShortener cover


Date Title
2021-03-31 Stream 172 - Updating the deployment experience
2021-03-24 Stream 170 - We really need to do some clean-up here
2021-03-17 Stream 168 - Adding some UI to edit the Schedules in AzUrlShortener
2021-03-12 Stream 167 - Adding a scheduler to AzUrlShortener
2021-03-03 Stream 166 - One stream Build - Exploring the idea of a scheduler module the URL Shortener
2021-02-03 Stream 159 - Package new version for AzUrlShortener and TinyBlazor Admin - GitHUb maintenance
2020-12-09 Stream 147 - Trying GitHub new features and PRs + maintenance on project AzURLShortener
2020-11-13 Stream 141 How to setup custom domain AzFunction
2020-11-04 Stream 138 AzUrlShortener TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-09-30 Stream 129 - Testing the new Azure Static Web App (SWA) with the AzUrlShortener
2020-09-09 Stream 126 - Let's work on the automatic deployment of AzUrlShortener with TinyBlazorAdmin
2020-05-29 Stream 100 Updating all dependencies of AzUrlShortener Are we ready for v0 5
2020-05-27 Stream 99 AzUrlShortener PR Review, and experimentation for new feature
2020-05-22 Stream 98 - Whats Next with the project Azure Url Shortener
2020-05-15 Stream 97 - Working on the project Azure Url Shortener
2020-05-13 Stream 96 - Working on the project Azure Url Shortener GitHub AzFunction Blazor
2020-05-12 Stream 95 Unscheduled stream Working on project AzUrlShortener
2020-05-08 Stream 94 - Adding Edit feature to AzUrlShortener
2020-05-06 Stream 93 - Working on the Azure Url Shortener
2020-04-29 Stream 92 - AzUrlShortener More Features
2020-04-22 Stream 91 AzUrlShortener 1 click to deploy everything
2020-04-17 Stream 90 AzUrlShortener 1 click to deploy everything
2020-04-15 Working on AzUrlShortener Closing GitHub Issues
2020-04-08 Stream 87 - Adding Stats to AzUrlShortener
2020-04-03 Stream 86 - Adding auto deployment docs for that adminwebsite AzUrlShortener
2020-04-01 Adding a Create new ShortUrl to our admin interface AzUrlShortener
2020-03-27 Adding more documentation about admin interfaces into GitHub for project repo azUrlShortener
2020-03-25 Stream 83 - Adding an Azure Function to return all Urls for the budget-friendly Url-Shortener
2020-03-22 Experimenting with Azure Function and .Net Core Blazor ☁
2020-03-20 Building budget Url Shortener Azure Serverless and blazor
2020-03-18 Building a budget Url-Shortener with Azure Serverless and .Net Blazor
2020-03-13 Building budget Url Shortener using Azure Serverless

Triavia the Trivia game

A trivia game to play with the viewers while streaming.


Date Title
2021-02-12 Stream 162 - Configuring a Codespace dev environment for our project Triavia
2021-02-05 Stream 160 - Working on project trivia game going meta - Talking game mechanics
2021-01-29 Stream 158 - Learning Typescript + Nodejs + Azure Function by building a trivia game
2021-01-22 Stream 156 - Learning Typescript + Nodejs + React by building a trivia game
2021-01-15 Stream 154 - Learning Typescript + Nodejs + React by building a trivia game
2020-12-18 Stream 150 - Learning Typescript + Nodejs + React by building a trivia game
2020-12-11 Stream 148 - Learning Typescript + Nodejs + React by building a trivia game
2020-12-04 Stream 146 - Learning how to create & publish our first Typescript + Nodejs + React to Azure...
2020-11-20 Stream 143 Learning typescript
2020-11-06 Stream 139 Learning TypeScript
2020-10-30 Stream 137 Working on Triavia the Trivia game
2020-10-23 Stream 136 Working on project triavia with JasonHand

Blind2021 (aka Project Dover)

Text-based adventure game, in a near future where you and your glasses companion are exploring your environment. Base on the ProjectDover. Using AI to simplify commands ( talk humans AI translate to game commands)

Blind2021 cover


Date Title
2020-01-31 GitHub Action and Unit tests for dotnetcore
2020-01-24 Refactoring Blind2021
2020-01-17 Trying Yori and Refactoring, Adding Configuration Settings
2020-01-10 Refactoring ontheroad
2020-01-03 Adding xUnit and refactoring
2019-12-20 Adding save game, loading maps. Project> Blind2021
2019-12-06 Blind2021-Upgrade and MongoDB
2019-11-29 Working on the summary generator for our game project- Blind2021 [on the road stream]
2019-11-22 Blind2021 adding Room Status and more
2019-10-18 Coding .Net Core on Project Blind2021- Text-based Adventure game - Inventory System
2019-10-11 Coding Project Dover working on the inventory
2019-10-04 starting new game project

Use-R-Vote (aka outspoken)

An online request/idea voting platform manage by the community. You pitch your idea the community vote on it. The most popular get picked.

Blind2021 cover


Date Title
2020-01-15 We need a data store Use R Vote
2019-12-18 Deploying to Azure a website with social login configured from GitHub - Use-R-Vote
2019-12-04 Project> Use-R-Vote - Adding Social Login to .Net Core WebApp !commands
2019-11-27 Adding Social Login to the .Net Core Blazor project> Use-R-vote
2019-11-20 Exploring GitHub Actions for deploying to Azure
2019-10-30 New Project Community Vote


Simple Twitch chatbot for Twitch Stream, build with Comfy.JS. First, it was a pretext to learn (or refresh) my JavaScript knowledge, but it became quickly fun to add more and more feature to it. Have a look customize it. make suggestion… this is pure fun. :)

CeeBee cover


Date Title
2021-03-26 Stream 171 - Oops! I deleted all my OBS scenes
2020-11-27 Stream 145 - Containerizing project CeeBee... our chatbot and building a CI/CD for it
2020-11-25 Stream 144 Containerizing CloudBot
2020-10-09 Stream 132 chatbot
2020-10-02 Stream 130 - earning Node.js building a chatbot named CeeBee
2020-09-25 Stream 128 - Can we generate images in Nodejs for the chatbot?
2020-09-11 Stream 127 - Stream 127 Working on the Chatbot, and planning future features
2020-08-21 Stream 124 - Learning Node.js for the first time - Building a chatbot
2020-08-14 Stream 122 - Learning Node.js for the first time Building a chatbot
2020-08-07 Stream 120 - Celebrating 500 followers - And working on the Chat bot
2020-07-31 Stream 118 CloudBot
2020-07-24 Stream 116 Cloudbot
2020-07-17 Stream 114 CloudBot
2020-07-10 Stream 112 CloudBot
2020-07-03 Stream 110 Learning JavaScript Building Twitch chatbot
2020-06-26 Stream 108 Learning JavaScript Building score keeper Twitch bot
2020-06-19 Strean106 Learning JavaScript Building ScoreKeeperTwitch bot omfyJS
2020-06-12 Stream 104 No Idea what Im doing Building Twitch chatbot JavaScript


This workshop is for beginners who would like to learn more about the cloud and then try some available services. Today artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit a lot of our applications and most of the time it’s easier than we think to implement it.



Date Title
2021-02-10 Stream 161 - Looking at your (aka Cloudies) GitHub PRs
2019-10-21 Reviewing Not a Dog Workshop AspNetCore and Azure AI
2019-08-09 Deploy to Azure with CalvinAllen
2019-08-05 Chill Azure Development
2019-08-02 Fixing the On the Road Setup
2019-06-19 Live Coding Azure Deploy button and Asp.Net Core StartUp Task

Az Subscription Cleaner

The Simple way to keep your Azure Subscription “clean”. This run on a schedule and automatically delete all “expired” resources inside your Azure Subscription, and nothing else.

A Resource is “expired” when it has a tag expireOn older then the current date.



Date Title
2019-10-23 Slobs on the Road configuration
2019-10-16 Azure Subscription Cleaner Auto deployment
2019-10-14 Azure Subscription Cleaner Auto deployment
2019-10-09 AzSubcriptionCleaner deployment
2019-10-02 Building ARM template for Azure Subscription Cleaner
2019-09-30 GitHub Azure and Chatting
2019-09-06 Azure Subscription Cleaner Mostly Azure CLI
2019-09-04 Azure Function and GitHub management for AzSubscription Cleaner
2019-09-02 GitHub management for AzSubscription Cleaner
2019-08-30 Working on AzCleanerSubscription - Adding Identity in Azure Function
2019-08-23 Keep Subcription Clean SetUp
2019-08-21 Creating a Tool to keep our Azure Subscription Clean
2019-08-14 Creating a Tool to keep our Azure Subscription Clean
2019-08-12 Creating a Tool to keep our Azure Subscription Clean
2019-08-07 Keep Sub Clean


As simple as it could be, a .Net Core parser for the Amazon Kindle’s “My Clippings.txt” file. The current version support the “Kindle Paperwhite”.

Transforming the flat file into an Array JSON Objects.


Date Title
2019-06-17 Lets implement a deploy to Azure button into a GitHub repo
2019-06-12 Live Coding Azure LogicApp for the ReadingNotes project
2019-06-10 Create Azure Logic App to Create ReadingNotes Summary
2019-06-07 Create an Azure LogicApp to write a ReadingNotes Summary
2019-06-03 Bringing the Unit test Results from the Container to Azure Pipeline
2019-05-27 Can We Execute the DotNet Tests inside a Docker Container from Azure Pipeline
2019-05-24 Dockerize WebAPI and stuff Container from Azure Pipeline


A simple Azure Function to Unzip files from a blob storage container to another one

The following features are supported in this current version:

  1. Supported Archive Types: .zip, .rar

    Archive support is currently implemented using the sharpcompress library

  2. Password protetected zip files

    *The current solution provisions an Azure KeyVault instance for storing the zip archive(s) password used during the unzipping process. If password protected zip files are uploaded to the blob storage container, this would be the password used when attempting to un-zip the files into the destination storage container.**


Date Title
2019-07-05 Adding Deploy to Azure button & ARM template to AzUnzipEverything Azure Function and Blob Storage
2019-07-03 Working on AzUnzipEverything Azure Function and Blob Storage
2019-06-28 Live Coding Azure Function and other projects


Az Pics is a simple solution to manage your pictures and images. It will levrage multiple Azure services and demonstrate the best practices in Azure. This is a project for only session.

AzPic Logo


Date Title
2019-06-24 Starting a new project serverless AI


An automatic video converter using Azure Medias Services (AMS) with Azure Functions & Azure Logic Apps, running in the cloud.


Date Title
2020-04-11 Stream 88 - Building automatic video converterwith Azure Media Services