In this session, Frank is create from A to Z an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to deploy the Azure Function or the GitHub project AzUnzipEverything, with all the required resources. Then use the Deploy to Azure button so now in One-click anyone can deploy the solution. You can see the solution here:



  • 0:01 Bonjour, Hi!
  • 0:13 Add ToLower in FunctionApp
  • 2:51 Empty Function deployed
  • 4:45 [Bloopers]
  • 4:49 Add instruction to deploy
  • 5:02 merging PR
  • 5:04 Deploying from master
  • 5:13 Fianl test past
  • 5:14 Recap


  • Add an ARM template (issue #5)
  • Add a deploy to Azure button to the GitHub repo (issue #5).


  • Automate deployment of Azure Function using ARM template:

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