In this live stream session, Frank starts building an admin interface for the Azure Url Shortener (azUrlShortener) tool. The interface will be a website in .Net Core Blazor using a server-side. Before getting into the website he will need a new Azure Function that lists all URLs already created.



  • 00:00:01 - Bonjour, Hi!
  • 00:01:01 - Show & Tell
  • 00:04:55 - Plan of the stream
  • 00:17:08 - Continue the work on the Azure Function UrlList
  • 01:28:01 - Azure Function is working, let’s deploy it.
  • 01:47:35 - Create new project for the website interface


All the code for this project is available on GitHub: Azure Url Shortener -


  • Build Azure Function that Return a Url list
  • Admin page Blazor website Serverside

Streams Notes/ Snippets/ Shared urls

  • Create the new app with: dotnet new blazorserver -n adminBlazorWebsite -au Individual


  • Microsoft Developer Virtual Conference:

  • Docs: . . .