2020-06-12 - Stream 104-No idea what I’m doing - Building a Twitch chatbot in JavaScript


In this live stream session, Frank is learning ComfyJS a JavaScript framework. Building slowly but surely a Twitch bot. We learn sooo much!

📺 - Twitch archive - stream no.104


  • Stream Summary: https://youtu.be/Pyij8iXX1hU


- 00:00:01 - Bonjour, Hi!
- 00:05:46 - Goals of the stream
- 00:21:00 - Testing all chat message display 
- 00:30:50 - Testing a command display text bigger  
- 00:45:20 - Testing a command to display images 
- 01:33:59 - Ah Ha moment when we understand that Phaser.io was used
- 02:09:36 - Many variant to try playing a video with the sound


All the code for this project is available on GitHub: Azure Url Shortener - https://github.com/FBoucher/AzUrlShortener


  • Display text by chat
  • Display text by commands
  • Display images by commands
  • Display images by Redeem points


  • Command to make viewers fly like super man in the cloud

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  • CREATING A TWITCH CHATBOT https://www.codingzeal.com/post/creating-zeal-a-chatbot
  • How to Integrate Your Twitch Channel with Twitch Channel Points and Custom Rewards using ComfyJS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qLXKoyEuLI
  • ComfyJS: https://github.com/instafluff/ComfyJS
  • http://phaser.io