2020-07-24 - Stream 116 Learning Node.js for the first time: Creating a virtual Co-Host


In this live stream session, Frank is continuing to build a virtual Co-Host aka Twitch chat bot and also learning Node.js. In this video he was monitoring the new followers to add them in the show notes generated by the CB (the Cloud Bot).

📺 - Twitch archive - stream no.116


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 Bonjour, Hi!
00:01:30 Intro to the project Cloud Bot
00:09:10 Fixing display message for stats
00:29:43 Start working on collecting new follower
01:08:10 Fixing the scores display
02:02:51 Wrapping-up


All the code for this project is available on GitHub: CloudBot https://github.com/FBoucher/CloudBot

New Followers