In this short session, Frank is creating a simple Blazor App to read images from an Azure Storage. The particularity is that the .Net SDK is running from inside a Docker container, on a Linux machine. And things are going great!



  • 0:01:00 - Bonjour, Hi!
  • 0:10:00 - Searching Docker Image
  • 0:40:00 - Docker created. Creating the blazor App
  • 0:55:00 - Running App from inside the container WORKS!
  • 0:57:00 - Adding Storage package


  • 2019-07-15 - Sounds don’t play why?
  • Create new serverside from inside docker
  • Add Azure Storage to the mixt


  • Run The App

Streams Notes/ Snipets/ Shared urls

  • docker run -it –name azpicviewer-dev -v /home/frank/Dev/local/azpicsviewer:/app bash

  • dotnet new blazorserverside -n azpicsviewer -o ./