In this live stream session, Frank is doing some project maintenance, labeling, and prioritizing the issue on GitHub. Then he will create a new “global” public board with all the ideas and projects.

📺 - Twitch archive - stream no.101



  • 00:00:01 - Bonjour, Hi!
  • 00:03:19 - Planning the stream
  • 00:09:58 - Creating the new GLOBAL board Cloud Planning (
  • 00:44:33 - Checking issue AZURL#104 Deploy from Private repo
  • 01:04:04 - How to deploy the AzUrlShortener
  • 01:29:01 - Creating a new GitHUb repo for
  • 01:35:04 - Checking issue AZURL#100 problem when Urls not starting by hhtp
  • 01:43:21 - More Issue labelling


All the code for this project is available on GitHub: Azure Url Shortener -


  • Create new Public Board to keep track of all the tasks/ ideas/ project related to the streams
  • AzUlrShortener GitHUb maintenance (review new Issues, PR)
  • Start a new project for a AzUrlShortener web assembly frontend (

Streams Notes/ Snippets/ Shared urls

  • New Cloud Planning board:
  • New Link for the board: