In this session, Frank is doing a recap of the Reading Notes project and starting a new Logic App that will generate a summary based on all the notes taken from the Kindle. We will start by creating an Azure Container Instance (ACI). But, reading the status won’t work as planned…



  • Recap about the Auto-population of Docker Hub Description
  • Manually add Documentation on the Docker Hub
  • Recap QBits
  • Chat Command
  • new Emotes!!
  • Add Chat Commands for logos and Emotes
  • Create New Logic App Summary
  • use the new MyClippings-Parser in ACI


  • Update Check Container Instance Status
  • Change name of test project from MyClipping-Parser.Tests.csproj to MyClippings-Parser.Tests.csproj
  • Fix folders name for project MyClipping-Parser

  • Add Documentation on Git for project MyClipping-Parser
  • Add on Git a how-to use it for project MyClipping-Parser

New Followers

Streams Notes/ Snipets/ Shared urls

  • Populate a Docker Hub Repo: