In this session, Frank is creating an Azure Logic App (that will be called by a parent Logic App) and use the new feature Inline code to manipulate some string and return a Json object. While everything IS supposed to be working, for some reason a simple IF statement is acting randomly… and is blocking any progression… Can you see what it is?



  • Call sub-Logic App
    • Extract Tags
    • Extract Category
    • Extract Clean note text
  • Delete ACI when done in Parent LogicApp


  • Only call child Logic App When clippingType equal 1
    • Fix the condition (strange things here)
  • Change name of test project from MyClipping-Parser.Tests.csproj to MyClippings-Parser.Tests.csproj
  • Fix folders name for project MyClipping-Parser

  • Add Documentation on Git for project MyClipping-Parser
  • Add on Git a how-to use it for project MyClipping-Parser