2020-07-15 - Stream 113 Why it’s not working?! Investigating login Azure AD Token with Blazor WebAssembly


In this live stream session, Frank is investigating why the application is crashing after adding the Azure AD login… and the issue was fixed!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 Bonjour, Hi!
00:04:51 Recap current status
00:07:41 Create AAD Service Principal for Blazor App
00:28:04 Trying to login into the App using AAD.
00:55:58 Create AAD Service Principal for the Az Function
01:14:58 Investigating the packages version
02:10:41 Found something... 
02:13:20 Found the second thing.... and voila!
02:21:10 Wrapping-up


All the code for this project is available on GitHub: Tiny Blazor Admin - https://github.com/FBoucher/TinyBlazorAdmin


  • New Blazor AAD login
  • TinyAdmin Blazor AAD login
  • Connect securely to azFunction using AAD


  • unfinish todos from previous stream

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  • dotnet new blazorwasm -au SingleOrg –client-id “fcf72e46-0a43-48f6-86d5-e0969c146550” -o ToDelete –tenant-id “206bad4c-d071-4c91-9181-ef7047e6590b”

Equivalence: TokenClient = UrlShortenerSecuredService CosmosAuthorizationMessageHandler = AzFuncAuthorizationMessageHandler

Error: AADSTS70011: The provided request must include a ‘scope’ input parameter. The provided value for the input parameter ‘scope’ is not valid. The scope https://tinyadminhmxyp.azurewebsites.netuser_impersonation openid profile is not valid. The scope format is invalid. Scope must be in a valid URI form https://example/scope or a valid Guid <guid/scope>.