In this live stream session, Frank is working on the Tiny Blazor Admin website. Updating the home, Urls manager and Statistics pages. THe goal is to have a nice looking verion to push into the branch main ASAP.

📺 - Twitch archive - stream no.157



All the code for this project is available on GitHub: Tiny Blazor Admin -

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  • Update Board
  • announce News
  • set plan for the stream
  • Make home page pretty
  • make grid page pretty
  • make stats page pretty


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 Bonjour, Hi!
00:09:28 cleanning the Board
00:33:07 working on Make the Home page more informative #42
01:00:10 OMG css Frank!
01:36:32 cleaning that Grid
01:41:54 Working on the stats look

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